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Class starts with a reclined relaxation that gets us still and connected then we move into various Hatha and kundalini kriyas while practicing yogic breathing patterns and we finish with restorative postures and guided relaxation.

Lindsey Teaching History

Lindsey trained in the Sivananda  lineage over 20 years ago under Glenn Mifsud and also spent the last 17 years self studying and teaching Kundalini yoga. 
Lindsey has run her own studio - Awakening Yoga Centre and worked as a full time teacher for many years.

Lindsey is now a mother 3 young children and teaches part time in North Saanich at her home studio (FireLily Studio)  
Many thanks to all that have inspired over the years:   Gurmukh, Glenn Mifsud, Jeannie Stevens, Gangaji, Byron Katie and many, many more. 

where to find a class...

Vancouver Island

FireLily Studio
1890 McMicken Road
North Saanich, British Columbia

Monday 6:30-7:30pm
Wednesday 9:30-10:30am

Sunset Circle Club House
5181 Napo' okala Circle

Donation Class - Food Bank

contact Lindsey to register: 

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